About Us

Markcon Limited, an international company that operates in the Education sector. We have been successfully recruiting home/EU and international candidates for UK Universities since 2011. Our head office is based in London and we also have branches in Portugal, Latvia & Canada.

Our Services

  • Educational consulting
  • We recruit students for Top Ranking universities & colleges (HND, Top-Up, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes)
  • We will process your university application
  • We assist and support you to obtain tuition fee loan, maintenance loan and grand’s that allow you to study in UK.
  • We offer further education (Level 3) and general English, ESOL (Level 2) programmes

Our Mission

In 2015, we have successfully enrolled over 500 candidates. Since then, we have been among the leading recruiters for UK based colleges and universities and we are looking forward to deliver in 2018 on an international & domestic level.

Our Vision

A wide range of programmes will enable us to recruit more potential applicants for the September 2018 and thereafter. We have the necessary resources to recruit potential applicants from the EU, Canada, UK, Middle East and Africa.

Our Team

Larisa Carp

Business Development Manager

020 3198 9603

Languages: English, Portugees, Russian, Romanian

Denisa Popescu

Marketing Manager

020 3198 9603

Languages: English, Spanish, Romanian

Mirela Morosan

Admission Officer

020 3198 9603

Languages: English, Russian, German, Romanian

Junaid javed

Business Development Executive

020 3198 9603

Languages: English, Urdu

Our team will perform following tasks for you:

  • We provide professional assistance to our applicants choosing suitable programme and institute.
  • Verifying applicants eligibility for enrolment and student finance
  • We assist and prepare all the necessary documentation as required
  • Our team will process university and student finance application for you
  • Our team will monitor application status and provides you with updates
  • We prepare our applications to successfully pass their academic interviews and English tests
  • Our team provides you with professional support throughout your academic career

Advantages of obtaining British Degree/ Certificate:

  • You will live an enriching experience to know other customs and cultures.
  • You will enjoy teachers and an educational system of the highest quality.
  • You will meet amazing people from differ part of the world
  • Having an academic degree from UK will make a big difference in your curriculum
  • You will learn to speak and write English, which will open many doors in the future.
  • You will get countless job prospects
  • Your living standard will developed

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