Health and Social Care BSc (Top-Up)

BSc (Hons) Nursing (Top-Up)
April 18, 2017

Health and Social Care BSc (Top-Up)

Courses Details


The academic study of Health and Social Care explores key issues that influence health, social care and well being of individuals and communities in the 21st century. The course draws on the latest research and experience of professionals to provide valuable insights and real-world skills. You will develop your knowledge and skills in areas such as psycho-social perspectives of health, counselling, research, health improvement and behavior change. You will also be equipped to work with vulnerable groups, such as children, older people, disabled people or people with mental health problems, together with those affected by domestic violence and misuse of drugs and alcohol. The course highlights the importance of joined-up working between health, social care and other private and voluntary sector organisations. The course focuses on enhancing your employability in a wide range of health and social care settings. The placement module will give you practical experience and there is also a module on social entrepreneurship. Throughout the course you will develop a portfolio of evidence that will add support and credibility to job applications.

Entry Requirements

To apply for this course you need Postgraduate Certificate or equivalent postgraduate qualification, plus a minimum six months work experience and you should be able to demonstrate your ability to operate at a managerial level.


  • SSC302 – Dissertation (40 Credits)
  • SSC310 – Practical application (20 Credits)
  • SSC312 – Substance use and society (20 Credits)
  • SSC312 – Lifecourse approaches to health, wellbeing and ageing (20 Credits)
  • CYW319 - Entrepreneurship and Project Management (20 Credits)
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