Trebas Institute is the first-ever institute in Canada established solely to cater to the needs of entertainment professionals. At Trebas, students can pursue the best of the professional courses in the streams of music, film, business & technology, and management. The courses offered at Trebas Institute are tailored to meet the academic and professional requirements of students and make them career-ready. Unique courses like Diploma in Music Business Administration make Trabas stand out from other institutes in Canada offering similar courses.

Nearly 3000+ students from over 40 countries have graduated so far from Trebas including Grammy Award-winning music producer, Mike Piersante; music producer, Jeremy Harding; and Megadeth singer and guitarist.

Trebas Institute Programs

  • Trebas Institute offers an array of programs in the areas of music, film, business and technology, and management across the two campuses.
  • The courses offered at Trebas Institute are accredited by various local, regional, and national organizations, which include:
    • NACC (National Association of Career Colleges)
    • Ontario Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU)
    • Quebec Ministry of Education/ Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur (MES)
    • Steinberg Certified Training Center
    • Imagine Canada
    • Breakfast Club
  • These partnerships help the students to gain high-quality and industry-relevant knowledge in their domain.
  • All the courses are offered both in English and French language and are constantly upgraded to meet the present market demands.
  • Both the campuses of Trebas Institute differ in their program offerings, which are tabulated below:

Trebas Institute Campus

  • Trebas institute spans two campuses, in Montreal and Toronto.
  • Both the campuses are located in the heart of the two cities offering easy access to public transportation, shops, restaurants, museums, malls, and entertainment spots.
  • Being centrally located, both campuses of Trebas provide students with the opportunity to form extensive professional links.