Prague Film School is one of Europe’s leading schools providing practical training in the core disciplines of filmmaking. The school’s accelerated programs, its world class facilities and its international faculty draw students from all over the globe bent on converting a long-held passion for the screen into a life-time profession in film.

Prague Film School offers full-time programs in the following core disciplines: filmmaking; documentary film production; and acting for film. Covering a curriculum in one year which might otherwise take twice as long or more to complete, PFS programs are decidedly fast-track.

Prague Film School provides professional-level training and the school is dedicated to developing not only informed auteurs, but crew and post production professionals. Different than many national film academies or major private film schools abroad or in Europe, Prague Film School is characterized by its small size. This lends a particular intimacy to the educational and filmmaking experience, promoting close work relations with teachers and students and affording easy access to film-making facilities and a red-tape-free working environment.

The prevailing ethos of the school is a mix of European art-house and American independent cinemas. Faculty are recruited from both sides of the Atlantic and consist of top international and Czech professionals who daily mentor the creative, artistic and professional development of the students. Students are also international, coming from over 30 countries annually.

Based in Prague, it is the city of Prague itself that plays a leading role in the student’s experience at PFS. Professional productions come from all over the globe to shoot in one of the world’s most beautiful capitals. Students at Prague Film School have the city available to them all the time, as a classroom, as a home, and as a film set.



Prague is indisputably one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals. Cobblestone streets, Baroque cupolas and medieval spires give the city a naturally breathtaking backdrop.

Prague has old-world beauty to spare, but it resides comfortably in the modern era. It is both a geographical and moral bohemia, an exquisite city with a lively artistic subculture. Prague feels like a young city as it pulses with vibrant life and an international atmosphere that is the envy of municipalities many times its size. The city is well reputed for its cultural life, with a downtown stuffed full of trendy clubs, pretty cafes and a wide variety of restaurants and shops. And thanks to its big student population, the old, lovely city constantly receives the vitality and hum to keep it fresh and beautiful well into the 21st century.

Indeed Prague plays a leading role in the student’s experience at Prague Film School. Professional productions come from all over the globe to shoot in the city of 100 spires. Students at Prague Film School have the city available to them all the time, as a classroom, as a home and as a film set.

With a hundred years of filmmaking experience, Prague has a lot to offer for those who appreciate its historic beauty and medieval architecture and at the same time have high production demands and a tight budget.

With Prague Film School discounts or free of charge, students can draw from a number of local filmmaking resources, including:

1. Barrandov Film Studios - film post, prop, costume and equipment rental
2. Czech Television - film lab
3. Access to historical and modern film locations
4. Contacts to other companies/organisations offering specialised film-related services.




Prague Film School is located in the very heart of historic Prague. The building, a UNESCO heritage site dating back to the 14th century and reconstructed in nineties, provides a healthy backdrop to the otherwise very up-to-date technology humming away at the school.


Arri Alexa, REDcam, Arri SRIII, Blackmagic Ursa/Pocket, Sony XDCAM, Canon cameras; Arri & Dedoweigert HMIs (575 - 4KW); Kino Flo; Red Heads; Dedolights; Desisti; Tascam / Marantz / Sound Devices sound recorders & mixers; Sennheiser mics; wireless mics; dollies, tracks and jib; flags; scrims; and more are the basic tools daily available for Prague Film School students - either at the school or for check-out outside the school premises (flexible check-out policy).

Other facilities include:
Avid Media Composer editing systems
Avid Studio and Pro Tools & Digi 002 for recording sound effects and dialogues for film projects Green screen
Acting Studio
Digitized film and sound library
School cafe