Hospitality & Sport

Jobs Aspects:

    Sports Agent

    Sports Coach

    Travel Agent

    Hotel Manager

    Sports Analyst

    Resort Manager

    Tourism Manager

    Revenue Manager

    Sports Scientist

    Catering Manager

    Athletic Director

    Restaurant Manager

    Sports Event Manager

    Front Office Manager

    Hospitality Consultant

    Sports Facility Manager

    Sports Marketing Manager

    Event Planner/Coordinator

    Sports Researcher/Academic

    Sports Medicine Practitioner

Learning Outcomes

    Develop an understanding of the hospitality industry, its history, and its global impact.

    Acquire knowledge and skills related to hospitality operations, including front office management, housekeeping, and food service.

    Demonstrate proficiency in customer service and guest relations.

    Gain an understanding of the principles of hospitality marketing and sales.

    Develop financial management skills specific to the hospitality sector.

    Learn about event planning and management in the context of hospitality.

    Acquire knowledge of sustainable practices and ethical considerations in the hospitality industry.

    Enhance leadership and teamwork skills through group projects and collaborations.

    Gain practical experience through internships or co-op programs with hospitality organizations.

    Stay current with industry trends and technologies in the hospitality field.

    Develop a comprehensive understanding of the sports industry, including its history, structure, and societal impact.

    Gain expertise in sports science and exercise physiology.

    Learn sports coaching techniques and strategies for athlete development.

    Acquire knowledge of sports psychology and its application to athlete performance.

    Understand the business aspects of sports management, including sports marketing and sponsorship.

    Develop leadership skills relevant to sports teams and organizations.

    Learn about sports ethics, governance, and legal considerations.

    Gain practical experience through internships or coaching positions.

    Conduct research in sports-related fields and contribute to the advancement of sports science.

    Stay informed about current trends and issues in the sports industry.

Courses Under This Faculty

    Resort Management

    Tourism Management

    Food and Beverage Management

    Event Planning and Management

    Hospitality Marketing and Sales

    Customer Service in Hospitality

    Hotel Operations and Management

    Sustainable Hospitality Practices

    Revenue Management in Hospitality

    Hospitality Finance and Accounting

    Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management

    International Hospitality and Tourism

    Introduction to Hospitality Management

    Hotel and Restaurant Design and Layout

    Human Resource Management in Hospitality

    Sports Nutrition

    Sports Psychology

    Exercise Physiology

    Sports Research Methods

    Strength and Conditioning

    Sports Coaching Techniques

    Sports Law and Regulations

    Sports Ethics and Governance

    Introduction to Sports Science

    Sports Marketing and Sponsorship

    Sports Analytics and Data Analysis

    Athlete Development and Performance

    Sports Management and Administration

    Sports Medicine and Injury Prevention

    Event Planning and Management in Sports