Visas, Services and Facilities (United Kingdom)

Visa applications 

You can find out whether you need a visa to study in the UK at 

Alternatively, you can contact the British Mission (embassy, consulate or high commission) in your home country. For details of British representations abroad, visit 

The University will assign a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) - a unique reference number - to accepted you, which must be used to apply for permission to study in the UK as a Tier 4 (general) student. 

The University can only assign a CAS when the following two criteria have been met: 

■ The student has been given an unconditional offer, and 

■ The student has paid his/her registration fee and deposit towards tuition fees

You will be personally notified by the University once their CAS has been assigned, and will be given the number to use as part of your visa application. 

A CAS is valid for six months from the date assigned. You must apply for their Tier 4 student visa within that six month period, before the CAS expires. Please see for more information. 

Services and Facilities 

Personal support 

All of our Partner Universities has the Student Support that team offers help and information to students on a wide range of matters. Students can contact Student Support at any point during their studies for: 

■ Advice on academic matters, such as difficulties with studying, periods of absence or concerns about their course 

■ Help with personal issues, from quick queries to issues that need a more in- depth response 

■ Assistance with medical registration and finding health services 

■ Practical information, such as how to get discounted travel 

Effective studying 

A range of study skills workshops, tutorials and online materials to help students with their academic studies and ensure they have the key skills to be successful. 

Health care 

Students who are resident in the UK for six months or more are entitled to free healthcare under the National Health Service. To gain their entitlement, they must register with an NHS doctor. 


All students can use Counselling Service, which is professional, confidential. Counselling offers a safe, supportive environment to talk over any difficulties in life, and help students deal with all kinds of issues.