The Importance of Networking While at University

So much of your time at university is spent socialising— but making the transition into networking can be difficult. Here are a few of our tips on how to make networking at university easy and enjoyable. 

1. Attend a Variety of Events 

Many companies recruit at universities, and these recruitment events are a terrific way to make connections and set yourself up for your future career. Aside from recruitment events, industry talks and information sessions can be an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded people.

Beyond that, there are also often free food and drinks!

2. Get to Know Your Lecturers 

Between large lecture theatres and overworked tutors, it can be hard to form meaningful connections with your lecturers. However, these relationships may be some of the most valuable ones you can make at university. Even if you can’t get much face time, always try to shoot your lecturer an email to introduce yourself. 

3. Make use of your University’s Career Services 

Your university career services are there to help you find a job you love and connect you with the people who can help. From CV editing to helping you access important contacts, these career services can be some of the most useful things your uni has to offer.

4. Don’t be Afraid to Reach Out to Alumni 

Some of the best people to network with are undoubtedly your university’s alumni. These people are intimately aware of all the virtues and difficulties of your university experience, and are often happy to help. You can consult your university alumni association, reach out to your professors to learn about former students, and look on LinkedIn!

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