Ongoing application support

We know that students are always anxious to know what stage their application is at.
Markcon’s admissions team are here to process and provide regular updates on applications,
keeping our students and agents up to date. Our team have a thorough understanding of the
application process and can often immediately answer questions themselves or reach out to
our university partners for clarification through our direct communication.
Our team are able to ensure that your application is processed quickly, efficiently, and
correctly. Furthermore, when any additions need to be made to an application, our dedicated
admissions team can make changes or corrections with ease.

Our follow-up routine 

Markcon strives to make the application process simple and stress-free for our students and
agents. Our students will receive regular email updates every step of the way to ensure there
are no gaps in communication. This allows us to confirm the application with the student,
clarify any issues and amend these efficiently.
Markcon has all of the tools in place for you to create an outstanding university application. If
you fulfil all of the criteria set out by Markcon, we can guarantee that you will be accepted into
your chosen university. We have direct communication with our university partners so we can
receive prompt updates directly from the source. If there will be delays in a student’s
application for example, we can pinpoint why, and what actions need to be taken to remedy it,
if any. This process is updated daily and reported back to our students and agents.