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Larisa Carp

General Manager

Larisa has been a part of team Markcon since 2016 and has made a reputation for herself as the backbone of team Markcon’s success. Larisa currently manages Markcon EU from Portugal and can offer her services in Portuguese, Romanian and Russian to those students in need. She is responsible for EU and North America expansion. Her client outreach includes students, universities and schools/colleges.

During her time with Markcon, Larisa has helped enrol hundreds of passionate students into their desired courses and has executed her duties towards her clients with great care and professionalism. She is lauded by both student clients and partner universities for her commitment and dedication to academic excellence.

Highly accomplished, Larisa holds a BSc (Hons) in Business and Law and has had studying experience in Canada as well. She is further responsible for helping team Markcon obtain ATHE and City and Guild certification. She provides a range of ad-hoc services to students in the EU and Internationally, with a particular specialism in EU and Canadian universities.

She enjoys spending time with her family and travelling in her spare time.

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